Naija Hustle

1.That moment wen your phone battery is 3%,
seeing your landlord upload a pic with His
family on Facebook and you quickly try to
comment “Kul People” but auto correct
changed it to “Cult People” just before your
battery went off
See!!! Don’t bother trying to explain, just find another house…
2.I wonder why some girls will stop in the middle of a hot romance just to ask, “so do u truly luv me?” 😏😏😏
My sister what answer do you expect from a horny brotherΒ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
3.You think you know all colours until Yoruba people start sending
you wedding invitation
You’ll see something like this: Acid Green on Fushia Purple with
little touch of … Ojuelegba blue.
Bride’s family to wear Cockroach Brown with Custard Yellow.
Groom’s family; Jollof Yellow with Fufu White.
Friends; Coconut White with Agama Lizard Head.
While all other guests should wear Pomo Brown on Alligator
Pepper Green with a touch of Onion Purple and Maggi Yellow.
4.people will be doing “is that one this,is that one that”
thats how they will do when trumpet blow,they will say “trumpet that blow and left me behind,is that one trumpet??
5.I was shocked at the ATM 2day. After
withdrawing money, the ATM asked me
‘Anything for your boy’? I fainted
6.That awkward moment when a 5’star Hotel attendant tells you Bottle of Coke is N1500
You will be Like !πŸ˜³πŸ™†πŸ˜‘πŸ˜³
“I mean Coke, Asin the Mineral type.. Not Alcoholic one ” i mean the normal coke dat looks like Pepsi
7..My fear for weed
Started when I saw
My friend’s father dabbing
For Don moen’s song
8.In Hollywood
Merlin will just say two words and a fire
breathing dragon will appear.Β 
In Nollywood
ike mbe of amadioha shrine will recite a
whole book of incantations (280 pages)
just to off candle
Then he will tell you to bring the
– 8 virgin rats
– 10 married ants
– 3 pregnant mosquitoes
– 2 lesbian hens
To appease the Gods
naija i respect una hustle…


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