How to know if you are insane

1- If you think Buhari will win 2019 presidential election,
You are Insane.

2- If you think Lil Wayne wears a fake wristwatch or you think Nicki Minaj is a virgin, You are insane.

3- You know you have no airtime on your phone account balance and you dial a number, You are so insane.

4- You date a girl for a year but you don’t know her surname, You are seriously insane.

5- You own a private Car and Iphone7 and you are still paying a room house rent, You don craze finish.

6- You heard the prayer “GOD BLESS NIGERIA” but you didn’t say AMEN, Insanity dey worry you.

7- You lost a phone in Warri and you think you will find it, You are totally insane.

8- You date 12 guys within 12 months and you never go for deliverance, In fact,
Craze dey worry you.

9- You marry a lady of 25 years old nowadays and you are asking if she’s a virgin,You are fucking insane.
(I tellz you)

10- If you no laugh since you dey read from number 1, believe me, Your case is different.


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