Evidence to buy thingd

Akpos: I want to buy dog food?
Seller: do u have a dog?
Akpos: yes
Seller: where is it?
Akpos: At home.
seller: sorry i cant sell to u unless i see the dog first,that’s our policy.

The next day
Akpos: do u have cat food?
Seller: where is your cat?
Akpos: it is at home.

seller: sorry,i thought i told you the last time that we don’t sell anything to anybody unless we see the prove first because that is our policy.

Two days later
Akpos went holding a polythene bag.

Seller: what’s in your bag
Akpos: put your hand inside first(the seller put his hands inside)
Seller: (with his hands still inside he asked)its so cold what is it?

Akpos: it is my poo poo,… Since one has to bring evidence before buying anything here….. So I need tissue paper.. !!!!


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