Best marriage answers!

The following conversation ensued between Akpos and his wife:Wife: You smell of woman’s perfume; where did u get it?

Akpos: From the woman I was squeezed with in the taxi.

Wife: What about d lipstick on your mouth?

Akpos: Oo that one? I got it from Sandra whom I was congratulating for passing her exam.

Wife: What about the used condoms in your pocket?

Akpos: Hey leave me alone don’t ask me silly questions. I want to sleep!!.

Wife: (Crying.) This is not fair coz when I use them I don’t bring them home.

Akpos: (Waking up angry). Wat did you say?

Wife: Leave me alone I want to sleep..We need to wake up early for work.

If I were akpos I will…hmm

Wait if u were him wat will u do.leave your comment.


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